Letter to David Suzuki


I write this letter to express my admiration and appreciation for your knowledge and all the work you have done in the fields of environmental education and conservation. You see the beauty in the world around us, and understand the need to preserve that beauty. You understand that the environment is not ours for the taking, but a home in which we live and are welcome to experience. Additionally, you understand the intricate processes behind that beauty. You know that there are micro processes within every organism, and macro processes in which every organism is a part of. You understand that our ecosystem is complex, yet delicate, and that it has the ability to repair itself when links are added or taken away. You also know that the disruptions we are making to it now may be unrepairable, serving as detrimental to us and all other life forms on this planet. You recognize the significance of the damage we are doing to our home, and put forth tremendous effort to stop that damage. Despite hardships and criticisms, you push on. You strive to keep our air clean, our oceans healthy, our lands and wildlife thriving, and our climate in balance. Most importantly, you recognize that this earth is the only we have, and that it is too precious to lose. You have inspired millions of people to come together to save our planet, so that futures generations can reap the benefits and enjoy it just as we have. For you and all your efforts, I say thank you.




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