ECS 210 – Digital Summary of Learning

Picture Resources:

Curriculum –>

Saskatchewan Curriculum Screenshot –>

Teacher with globe –>

“What is Curriculum?” Screenshot –>

Factory Model of Education –>

Ralph Tyler –>

Against Common Sense –>

Common sense blocks –>

Venn diagram screenshot –> me

“Common sense is not so common” sign –>

People in scales –>

Colonialism 150 –>

Claire Kreuger Twitter screenshot –>

Pedagogy word cloud –>

Chimimanda Ngozie Ndichie –>

“This is my story” puzzle –>

Iceberg with text –> (picture), text (me)

Girl with labels and book –>

Students –>

Teacher with heart –>

Question mark puzzle –>

Curriculum process and praxis –>

Saskatchewan Curriculum with X –> , X (me)

Light bulb with drawing –>

Curriculum word cloud –>

Curriculum web –>

(picture), words (me)

Book with curriculum themes –> (picture), themes (me)

Raining brains –>

Book path –>


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