Week One – Students and Learning Environment

This morning I attended my first field placement in a grade one classroom. Upon my arrival, I checked into the office where I was kindly welcomed and guided to the classroom in which I would be working. At that time, my cooperating teacher had not yet arrived at school, so I used the extra minutes to take in my surroundings. The classroom was cozy, and placed on the far side of a wall seemingly distant from other classrooms in that area of the school. The classroom appeared bright and colourful, filled with various decorations. It was apparent upon my first observance of the decorations and various classroom tools that reading writing are heavily focussed on in grade one. On the left hand side of the room was a set of small lockers with large nametags for the students to put their belongings. Just above the lockers were a series of pictures of the students with statements beside, which stretched through to the back wall. The teacher’s desk was at the front of the room in the right corner, directly in front of which sat three rows of desks split in half down the center of the room. The back of the room contained a sink, a small table and chairs set, and an open area with a chair and whiteboard where we did circle time later that morning. I have included a few pictures below to give you a better idea what the classroom looks like.


Upon the arrival of my cooperating teacher, I was kindly welcomed once again and quickly filled in on the students in the classroom, as well as the lessons we would be covering that morning. Not long after my partner and I were given the run down, the bell rang and the room came alive with 24 grade ones. When the students entered, some took notice of my partner and I right away (our cooperating teacher had told them we would be coming this morning), while others seemed blissfully ignorant to our presence. The teacher quickly reminded the students of our arrival, and encouraged them to come up and introduce themselves. Most were shy, with the exception of a brave 3 or 4. As the morning went on, I got the opportunity to interact with many of the children and began to get a feel for the students and classroom atmosphere. Most of the children were cheery and friendly, warming up to my partner and I after a short period of time. The classroom contained a diverse set of students in terms of personality and academic development. Some students were shockingly outgoing, while others remained quiet and reserved. Likewise, some students were academically advanced for their age, while others were behind. It was nice to see such a diverse set of students, and I seemed to take a liking to almost everyone I had the opportunity to interact with. I received comments throughout the morning such as “You’re nice.” Or “Yay, I get to sit by you!”. One little boy even took a special shine to me and went out of his way multiple times that morning to give me a hug. Moments such as those put a smile on my face and remind me just how much I want to be a teacher. I had a great time during my first field placement visit, and I think the students did too. I am excited return next week and see what events my next visit entails!