Week Two – School and Community

Based on the past two weeks I have spent at the school, I have come to know a little bit about who contributes to the makeup up of people at my school. To start, the principal, vice principal, and administrative staff mostly reside in the office, doing important work and keeping the school running. Throughout the school, teachers and students spend their days partaking in lessons and other school-based activities and extracurriculars. Part-time teachers (such as the speech language pathologist and intern teacher such as myself) can also be seen around the school from time to time. I have also noticed a significant amount of parent volunteers popping in and out of the school to help out with school activities when needed. Everyone seems to work together to keep the school lively and functional.

If I were to describe the school and surrounding community, I would describe it as somewhat sleepy looking on the outside, but lively on the inside. Referring to the school specifically, it just appears to be there — this big brick building representing a structured school in northwest Regina, a lot like many other schools. Inside, the students teachers, and other people affiliated with the school make it come alive with their daily activities. Everyone seems to be cheery and happily doing their own thing, whether it be work, helping out, coordinating activities, etc. It’s certainly a warm and welcoming place. The neighbourhood in which the school is situated is similar. It is a middle-aged neighbourhood filled with middle class residents in a mix of cultures. This time of year it seems to be quiet, almost as if everyone in the community is slowing down in the anticipation of winter. Not many people are seen outside with the exception of kids and parents around school hours. Traffic is moderate. Though I will have a better idea as I visit the school longer, I have a feeling the people within the community are much like the people within the school — kind, welcoming, interesting, and happily living their day to day life. Both the school and community are really pleasant places to be.

When observing the school, I see it as a smaller function in the community as a whole. The school seems to be part of the community, contributing to it. While most of the people that attend, work, or volunteer within the school help connect it to the community, I see the children and various volunteers as key players in this role. Most of the children who attend the school live within or close by the community, and they seem to connect the two parts. Because of the children, aspects of the community are brought into the school and the school is joined to the community. Volunteers fulfill this role as most are from the community as well, and come into the school based on will. They represent the community contributing to the school. It is this sense of community that makes the school such a warm and welcoming place, and I can only hope to work in an environment such as this when I begin teaching.