Book: What’s Math Got To Do With It? – Jo Boaler

I read this novel for my EMTH 217 class and found it very helpful in providing advice, strategies, and other resources for improving students’ performance in math. Below I have included the book’s description and a picture of it’s front cover. Check it out, I highly recommend it!

“A recent assessment of mathematics performance around the world  ranked the United-States thirty-sixth out of sixty-four countries in the study. When the level of spending was taken into account, we sank to the very bottom of the list. We are falling rapidly behind the rest of the developed world when it comes to math education — and the consequences are dire.

In this straightforward and inspiring book, Jo Boaler, named by the BBC as one of eight people who “are challenging the future of education”, outlines concrete solutions that can transform students’ math experiences, including classroom approaches, essential strategies for students, and advice for parents. Now updated to address the controversial Common Core, this is a must read for anyone who is interested in the future of our children and our country.”


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